Bendy Flower

With a couple of pipe cleaners you can have a beautiful garden of flowers.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Bendy Flower
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  • Bendy Flower
  • Bendy Flower
Learn about flowers in a garden and then make your own garden.

Let's Get Started!


Pick a pipe cleaner.

Pick a color of pipe cleaner and loop it around your pencil.
Bendy Flower

Slide off and repeat.

Carefully slide the pipe cleaner off and continue to loop the pipe cleaner until you get to the end.
Bendy Flower

Twist pipe cleaner into a circle.

Pull the looped pipe cleaner into a circle and twist together.
Bendy Flower

Twist a pipe cleaner.

Take another pipe cleaner and twist it around the pencil.
Bendy Flower

Remove and stretch.

Carefully pull the pipe cleaner off and stretch it a bit.
Bendy Flower

Attach pipe cleaners.

Twist one end of the pipe cleaner onto the circle.
Bendy Flower

Glue a pom pom.

Glue a pom pom in the center of the center.
Bendy Flower