Parent's Guide


What is Craft Club?

Craft Club is the premier destination for interactive crafts on the World Wide Web. Through rich craft recipes, engaging web-isodes, and video and graphic based instructions, children of all ages can create and share their creativity in the Craft Club community.

How does it work?

Just visit our clubhouse at and see it come to life. You can register and set up an account to give you the ability to track progress, upload pictures, share with your friends and family. You can also purchase our craft kits and link to purchase books that go with the craft to enhance the learning experience.

Who is Craft Club for?

Craft Club is an innovative crafting site geared towards an audience aged 4-11 and those who teach and care for them. While our projects are geared to those ages, there are many projects that anyone can enjoy. The site caters to all learning preferences as it features not only clearly written directions but also video and photographs to compliment each and every creating experience. To make it even easier, we try to use recyclable materials and basically just items you would find around your home!

Why did you create Craft Club?

We wanted to deliver a top kid's hobby in an innovative 21st century learning environment. We have learned that crafts have always been an extremely popular hobby for children, second only to sports; and teachers use crafts as a learning tool throughout the educational world. Craft Club combines this creative hobby and teaching technique with the latest technology in an innovative and safe way.

Is it safe?

We are committed to creating a safe online environment that gives the parent the ability to control a child's account sign up and subsequent access levels on the site. A parent can set safety controls to "restricted", "limited", "full" which gives the child various upload permissions. A child can't upload any images on the site without the parent's approval either in advance through the control level indicated, or through a system generated approval email that goes to the parent. Our administrators also monitor and approve images displayed on our site.

How much does it cost to play?

It is free to create crafts. As we add features and benefits we may at some point add a subscription feature or other paid membership options.