Bouncy Ball

Balloons and water make this super fun Bouncy Ball. How high can your ball bounce?

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Bouncy Ball
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  • Bouncy Ball
  • Bouncy Ball
Bouncy Balls are the best! After you make one take a look at Little Pig's fun.

Let's Get Started!


Fill balloon with water.

Put a balloon onto a water facet and fill in with just a tiny bit of water.
Bouncy Ball

Remove and knot.

Carefully slide the balloon off the facet and tie it in a knot.
Bouncy Ball


Cut off the extra balloon without cutting the knot.
Bouncy Ball

Cut balloons.

Cut the ends off of 8 to ten balloons.
Bouncy Ball

Stretch a balloon.

Stretch a balloon using your fingers and carefully pull it over the water-filled balloon to cover it.
Bouncy Ball


Continue doing step 5 until all the balloons are cover the water balloon. Try to keep the ball as round as possible!
Bouncy Ball

How to.

To use: Drop the ball on a hard, flat surface and see how high it bounces!
Bouncy Ball