Box Camera

Snap! Take pretend pictures with this awesome paper camera craft. It looks so real you just may fool everyone!

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Box Camera
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  • Box Camera
  • Box Camera
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Let's Get Started!


Cover a pudding box.

Cover your pudding box with black construction paper and tape it shut.
Box Camera

Cut a cup.

Cut the bottom part of your cup off leaving it around half a finger’s length tall.
Box Camera

Paint with black.

Paint the cup black.
Box Camera

Paint with grey.

Paint a lens onto the bottom of the cup. Do this by painting it all grey.
Box Camera

Glue on the cup.

Glue the cup onto the middle of one side of your pudding box.
Box Camera

Paint with black, again.

Paint a tooth paste cap all black and let dry completely.
Box Camera

Glue on tooth paste cap.

Glue the tooth paste cap onto the top of your pudding box.
Box Camera

Cut yarn.

Cut three pieces of yarn that are the size of a ruler.
Box Camera

Braid/twist yarn.

Braid, or twist, the yarn together and tie off each end.
Box Camera

Tape on a strap.

Tape one side of the yarn to each side of your pudding box to make a strap.
Box Camera

Cut aluminum foil.

Cut a small square of aluminum foil to use as a flash.
Box Camera

Glue flash.

Glue the small square onto the top right corner of your pudding box.
Box Camera