Box Palm Tree

Get into the summer spirit with a tropical palm tree made from a long and narrow box.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Box Palm Tree
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  • Box Palm Tree
  • Box Palm Tree
  • Box Palm Tree
Ever wonder where palm trees come from?

Let's Get Started!


Cut a paper bag.

Cut the bottom of a paper bag off, so you have a long flat piece of brown paper.
Box Palm Tree

Cover a box.

Wrap the box in the brown paper and secure with tape.
Box Palm Tree

Fold green paper.

Fold a piece of green construction paper in half four times, so you have eight equal strips.
Box Palm Tree

Cut strips.

Cut down each crease for eight strips.
Box Palm Tree

Cut slits.

Cut slits into the strips to look more like palm fronds.
Box Palm Tree

Glue on fronds.

Glue the strips onto the top of your wrapped box.
Box Palm Tree

Trim fronds.

Trim the ends of each strip to make then different lengths.
Box Palm Tree

Trace a quarter.

Trace a quarter three or four times onto a piece of brown felt.
Box Palm Tree

Cut circles.

Cut out the circles.
Box Palm Tree

Glue circles.

Glue the circles on top of the green fronds to be coconuts.
Box Palm Tree