Brown Bag Vest

You can make a paper bag vest for fall this year with a brown paper bag, paint and scissors.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Brown Bag Vest
  • Brown Bag Vest
Have you ever had a favorite piece of clothing?

Let's Get Started!


Cut down the center.

Cut down the center of the paper bag from the open end to the bottom of the bag.
Brown Bag Vest

Cut a hole.

Cut out a large circle in the bottom of the bag for your head to fit through.
Brown Bag Vest

Cut two more holes.

Cut an arm hole on either side of the bag. You may want to ask an adult for some help!
Brown Bag Vest

Cut fringe.

Cut fringe at the bottom of the vest.
Brown Bag Vest


Paint the vest in festive patterns and designs. Allow to dry completely.
Brown Bag Vest