Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Are you tired of stacks upon stacks of unorganized magazines and papers? Check out your recycling bin and grab those cereal boxes. Then, make your own recycled magazine holder

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Cereal Box Magazine Holder
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Let's Get Started!


Measure 4 inches.

Measure 4 inches from the bottom of your cereal box and make a mark.
Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Draw a line.

Draw a diagonal line from the mark you made to the opposite top corner of the box.
Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Cut along the line.

Cut along the diagonal line on both sides of box. You should have a triangular shaped piece separated from your box when finished cutting.
Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Construction complete.

The construction of your holder is finished. Now its time to decorate.


Paint your box any way you’d like and let dry completely. Keep your favorite magazines, story books or notebooks in your new holder!
Cereal Box Magazine Holder