Cereal Box Tote

Turn an empty cereal box into an awesome new bag with a cereal box, magazine pictures and some paints.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Cereal Box Tote
  • Cereal Box Tote
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Let's Get Started!


Cut off tabs.

Cut the tabs off of the top of the cereal box. There should be four of them.
Cereal Box Tote

Draw ovals.

Draw two oval shapes towards the opening of the box that will be large enough to stick your hand in.
Cereal Box Tote

Cut out ovals.

Bend the top of the box a little bit to cut a small hole in the center of the oval you just drew. Carefully cut our the oval you drew on both sides of the box.
Cereal Box Tote

Shape cereal box.

Squeeze the sides to make the box flat. This will make it more like a bag!
Cereal Box Tote

Cut out pictures.

Cut out a bunch of pictures from magazines that you like.
Cereal Box Tote

Spread glue.

With a cotton swab (q-tip) spread glue onto the box in one section.
Cereal Box Tote

Place pictures.

Cover the glue with some of your pictures.
Cereal Box Tote


Repeat steps seven and eight until the entire box is covered.
Cereal Box Tote

Add detail.

Add detail with paint and enjoy!
Cereal Box Tote