Flower Fairy

Make yourself a magical flower fairy using beautiful fake flowers. They will add a lovely touch to an already lovely and enchanted creature.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Flower Fairy
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  • Flower Fairy
  • Flower Fairy
  • Flower Fairy
Enjoy reading about flower fairies after you make your own flower fairy.

Let's Get Started!


Twist a pipe cleaner.

Twist one pipe cleaner around a pencil and leave around half a finger's length straight. Carefully slide this new shape off the pencil.
Flower Fairy

Attach twisted pipe cleaner to flower.

With the straight part of the pipe cleaner tightly twist it around the fake flower and slide the rest of the pipe cleaner on top, this is the body of your fairy.
Flower Fairy

Attach a pom pom.

Glue one pom pom at the top of the twisted pipe cleaner, this is the head of your fairy.
Flower Fairy

Bend a pipe cleaner.

Bend one pipe cleaner in half to make a V.
Flower Fairy

Cut the pipe cleaner.

Cut the pipe cleaner in half.
Flower Fairy

Create wings.

Make a loop around the size of a quarter with each piece of pipe cleaner, these are the wings for your fairy.
Flower Fairy

Attach wings.

Attach the wings to the body by poking them through.
Flower Fairy

Cut hair.

Cut a few pieces of yarn for hair.
Flower Fairy

Glue hair.

Glue the hair to the pom pom head.
Flower Fairy

Add eyes.

Glue two wiggly eyes onto the pom pom.
Flower Fairy