Heart Envelope

This is a great way to hold all of your Valentine's this year and is crafted with just construction paper, glue and scissors!

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Heart Envelope
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  • Heart Envelope
  • Heart Envelope
  • Heart Envelope
What do you do the night before the day of love?

Let's Get Started!


Fold red paper.

Fold a piece of red construction paper in half hot dog style (long edges touching).
Heart Envelope

Round corners.

Round off the corners on one end.
Heart Envelope

Open paper.

Open the paper up and place the rounded side of the paper at the top.
Heart Envelope

Fold up the bottom.

Fold the bottom up so there is half a finger’s length until the top.
Heart Envelope

Fold left corner.

Fold the bottom left corner to the middle crease.
Heart Envelope

Fold right corner.

Fold the bottom right corner to the middle crease.
Heart Envelope

Fold down flap.

Fold and glue down the flap to the corners you just folded up.
Heart Envelope

Cut out hearts.

Cut out different sized hearts from pink, purple and white construction paper.
Heart Envelope

Glue hearts.

Glue half of the hearts onto the front of your heart envelope.
Heart Envelope

Write messages.

Write messages on the rest of the hearts and put them inside the envelope for an adorable valentine!
Heart Envelope