Heart Mouse

With construction paper, cotton balls and pipe cleaners you can make a mouse entirely out of hearts!

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Heart Mouse
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  • Heart Mouse
  • Heart Mouse
Join these mice as they deliver greetings of love.

Let's Get Started!


Fold pink paper.

Fold a piece of pink construction paper in half.
Heart Mouse

Cut a heart.

Cut out a heart shape by starting at a folded end of the paper and cutting a tear drop shape. Careful not to cut the fold!
Heart Mouse

Stretch cotton.

Stretch one cotton ball to loosen it up.
Heart Mouse

Stuff the heart.

Place the cotton ball on the fold of your cut out heart and surround it with paper. Staple it shut.
Heart Mouse

Cut a pipe cleaner.

Cut a piece of red pipe cleaner around your finger’s length.
Heart Mouse

Attach a pipe cleaner.

Place the pipe cleaner tale at the round part of the heart and staple it.
Heart Mouse

Add eyes.

Glue a wiggly eye on both sides of the pointy end of the heart.
Heart Mouse

Cut two red hearts.

Cut out two hearts the size of a quarter from red construction paper.
Heart Mouse

Glue ears.

Glue a small heart on both sides of the mouse’s head.
Heart Mouse