Heart Owl

You can make an owl using heart shapes! All you need is paper, glue, scissors and these directions. Hooo will you're Valentine be for?

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Heart Owl
  • Heart Owl
  • Heart Owl
Enjoy this adorable story about three owl babies.

Let's Get Started!


Fold white paper.

Fold a piece of white construction paper in half.
Heart Owl

Cut two white hearts.

Cut out two hearts that are around the same size.
Heart Owl

Fold purple paper.

Fold a piece of purple paper in half.
Heart Owl

Cut edges.

Cut around the border without cutting the fold. Cut wavy or zig-zagged for a neat shape!
Heart Owl

Glue paper together.

Glue the border you just cut onto a piece of red construction paper.
Heart Owl

Glue a white heart.

Glue one of the white hearts with the point facing down on the bottom half of the red and purple construction paper.
Heart Owl

Position a white heart.

Turn the other white heart so the point faces up.
Heart Owl

Fold a white heart.

Fold the point down and glue it shut.
Heart Owl

Glue folded heart.

Glue the folded heart on top of the first heart, so the two round parts of the hearts are overlapping just a tiny bit.
Heart Owl

Fold yellow paper.

Fold a piece of yellow construction paper in half.

Cut three hearts.

Cut out three hearts around the same size.
Heart Owl

Glue yellow hearts.

Glue two of the yellow hearts round side down at the bottom point of your owl to be feet.
Heart Owl

Glue a yellow heart, again.

Glue the last yellow heart on the folded heart. Line up the point of the yellow heart with the point of the brown one.
Heart Owl

Glue eyes.

Glue a wiggle eye on either side of the owl’s head.
Heart Owl

Write a message.

Add a message and give it to someone you love.
Heart Owl