Heart Ribbon Card

Give someone an award for being your Valentine with this neat ribbon card. Grab paper, ribbon and craft foam to get started!

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Heart Ribbon Card
  • Heart Ribbon Card
  • Heart Ribbon Card
Have you ever received a ribbon for doing something great?

Let's Get Started!


Cut a red heart.

Cut a heart out from a piece of red craft foam.
Heart Ribbon Card

Fold cupcake liners.

Fold two cupcake liners in half.
Heart Ribbon Card

Trim cupcake liners.

Trim some of the edge off to make it a smaller circle.
Heart Ribbon Card

Cut ribbon.

Cut a few pieces of ribbon the length of your hand.

Fold pink paper.

Fold a piece of pink construction paper in half.
Heart Ribbon Card

Tape down ribbon.

Tape a few pieces of ribbon in the middle of the the folded pink construction paper.
Heart Ribbon Card

Glue a cupcake liner.

Glue a cupcake liner that wasn’t cut over the taped part of the ribbon.
Heart Ribbon Card

Glue cupcake liners, again.

Layer the two cut cupcake liners on top of the uncut on and glue down.
Heart Ribbon Card

Glue red heart.

Glue the red heart on top of the cupcake liners.


Decorate the card with markers and write a Valentine’s Day message.