Holiday Mouse

Add this adorable holiday mouse to any gift for some extra fun for the holidays! All you need is paper and your creative hands.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Holiday Mouse
  • Holiday Mouse
  • Holiday Mouse
Read this classic tale again and again with your new Holiday Mouse!

Let's Get Started!


Fold green paper.

Fold a piece of green construction paper in half.
Holiday Mouse

Cut a heart.

Cut out a heart shape by starting at a folded end of the paper and cutting a tear drop shape. Careful not to cut the fold!
Holiday Mouse

Stretch cotton.

Stretch one cotton ball to loosen it up.
Holiday Mouse

Make a mouse body.

Place the cotton ball on the fold of your cut out heart and surround it with paper. Staple it shut.
Holiday Mouse

Cut pipe cleaner.

Cut a piece of red pipe cleaner around your finger’s length.
Holiday Mouse

Add a tail.

Place the pipe cleaner tale at the round part of the heart and staple it.
Holiday Mouse

Glue eyes.

Glue a wiggly eye on both sides of the pointy end of the heart.
Holiday Mouse

Cut ears.

Cut out two hearts the size of a quarter from red construction paper.
Holiday Mouse

Glue ears.

Glue a small heart on both sides of the mouse’s head.
Holiday Mouse

Glue a nose.

Glue a red pom pom onto the tip of the mouse’s head to be a nose.
Holiday Mouse