Juice Box Boats

Enjoy a fleet of your very own sail boat's this summer! All you need is an empty juice box, craft stick and colored paper!

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Juice Box Boats
  • Juice Box Boats
  • Juice Box Boats
If you had a boat where would you sail?

Let's Get Started!


Draw triangles.

Draw two triangles on a piece of white construction paper. These will be your boat’s sails!
Juice Box Boats

Cut triangles.

Cut out the triangles from the white construction paper.
Juice Box Boats

Glue triangles.

Glue the triangles onto a craft stick.
Juice Box Boats

Fold construction paper.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half long-ways.
Juice Box Boats

Cut folded paper.

Cut down the fold and put one piece aside.
Juice Box Boats

Measure paper.

There should be enough construction paper to wrap all the way around the juice box and about half a finger’s length sticking out on either side. Trim off extra.
Juice Box Boats

Cover juice box.

Wrap the construction paper all the way around your juice box and secure it with scotch tape.
Juice Box Boats

Fold in sides.

Fold in the sides, the extra paper, and tape it shut.
Juice Box Boats

Make a hole with a pencil.

Carefully poke your pencil into one of the sides of your juice box to make a hole.
Juice Box Boats

Insert craft stick.

Place the craft stick with sails into the hole.
Juice Box Boats


Add a number or a name to your boat with markers.
Juice Box Boats