Kwanzaa Kinara

Make a traditional kinara for Kwanzaa this year with just a paper plate, craft sticks and simple step-by-step directions.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Kwanzaa Kinara
  • Kwanzaa Kinara
  • Kwanzaa Kinara
Read along as one child discovers Kwanzaa for the first time.

Let's Get Started!


Decorate a plate.

Use you markers to color a red, black and green pattern around the edge of the paper plate.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Write on plate.

Write “Happy Kwanzaa” on one half of the plate.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Fold paper plate.

Fold the plate in half so that “Happy Kwanzaa” is on one side and the other is blank.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Cut slits.

Cut seven small slits on the fold.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Color with red.

Color three craft sticks red.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Color with green.

Color three crafts sticks green.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Color with blacks.

Color one craft stick black.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Cut out flames.

Cut out seven flames from a piece of yellow construction paper.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Glue flames.

Glue a flame onto each of the craft sticks.
Kwanzaa Kinara

Add sticks.

Insert a craft stick into each slit in this pattern: red, red, red, black, green, green, green.
Kwanzaa Kinara