Monster Feet

Stomp around in these creepy Monster Feet. Make them with construction paper and tissue paper!

Gather Tools and Materials


Let's Get Started!


Cut triangles.

Cut three pointy triangles out of one end of two pieces of green construction paper and throw them away.
Monster Feet

Cut 8 triangles.

Cut eight small triangles from a piece of purple construction paper.
Monster Feet

Glue triangles.

Glue a purple triangle in the center of each green point.
Monster Feet

Fold feet.

Fold the two feet in half.
Monster Feet

Cut a slit.

Cut a slit large enough to fit your own foot through.
Monster Feet

Tear tissue.

Tear pieces of green tissue paper.
Monster Feet

Crumple and glue.

Crumple the tissue pieces and glue them onto the top of the monster feet.
Monster Feet

To wear.

To wear: Slide a barefoot through the slit and allow the extra paper to sit on top of your foot. Make monster hands by following the same directions!
Monster Feet