Paper Plate Snake

Sssss…S is for snake! Make your own coiled snake with a paper plate and markers! Hang it from the ceiling or set it on top of a table-top for maximum enjoyment.

Gather Tools and Materials


Let's Get Started!



Color both sides of your paper plate any way you like.
Paper Plate Snake

Draw a spiral.

Draw a spiral starting on the outside and ending in the center.
Paper Plate Snake

Cut the spiral.

Cut along your spiral until you reach the center. When you’re finished cutting you should be able to see the snake you made.
Paper Plate Snake

Draw a rectangle.

Draw a small rectangle on a piece of red or pink construction paper.
Paper Plate Snake

Cut out the rectangle.

Cut the small rectangle of red or pink construction paper to make a tongue. Cut a tiny triangle out on one end in order for it to look more like a snake’s tongue!
Paper Plate Snake

Glue the tongue.

Glue this piece at the mouth.
Paper Plate Snake

Hang it up.

If you want to hang your snake punch a hole where the eye would go and tie a piece of yarn.
Paper Plate Snake