Paper Pumpkin

Make this table topping pumpkin with paper strips and pom poms.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Paper Pumpkin
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  • Paper Pumpkin
  • Paper Pumpkin
Mmm, pumpkin soup is delicious!

Let's Get Started!


Cut orange strips.

Fold a piece of orange construction paper in half four times and cut out eight equal strips.
Paper Pumpkin

Mark the center.

Fold each strip in half and mark the center.
Paper Pumpkin

Make a small t.

Make a small t with two orange strips and glue them together.
Paper Pumpkin

Make a small t, again.

Make a small t with two other orage strips and glue them together.
Paper Pumpkin

Glue small t's together.

Glue the two t’s together to make an eight-pointed star. Tip: Use the four strips left over to make a second pumpkin!
Paper Pumpkin

Loop strips.

Bring two ends of the bottom-most strip to meet and tape them together to make a loop.
Paper Pumpkin

Build your pumpkin.

Do this to the remaining strips. Make sure to attach all of the loops together as you stack on top of each other.
Paper Pumpkin

Glue pom poms.

Glue two green pom poms together.
Paper Pumpkin

Cut out pumpkin face.

Cut out two triangles and a mouth from a piece of black construction paper.
Paper Pumpkin

Glue on your pumpkin face.

Glue the triangles and mouth onto your pumpkin.
Paper Pumpkin

Attach pom poms.

Glue the pom poms to the top of the pumpkin.
Paper Pumpkin