Rice Tree

Make a life-like tree using colored rice and paper! Add decorations with pom poms and get into the holiday spirit.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Rice Tree
  • Rice Tree
  • Rice Tree
If you could be a tree, would you be a Christmas tree?

Let's Get Started!


Make green rice.

Put two handfuls of rice, two squirts of hand sanitizer and two drops of green food coloring into a plastic bag. Shake it up!
Rice Tree

Let the rice dry.

Lay out the colored rice on a piece of newspaper and let it dry for 25 minutes.
Rice Tree

Fold paper.

Fold a piece of green construction paper in half hot dog style (long-ways).
Rice Tree

Cut a tree.

Cut a zig-zag pattern so that when you open up the paper it looks like a tree. Careful not to cut the fold!
Rice Tree

Glue on rice.

Spread glue all over one side of your green paper and sprinkle the colored rice on top.
Rice Tree

Draw a star.

Draw a star onto a piece of yellow construction paper.
Rice Tree

Cut the star.

Cut out the star.
Rice Tree

Glue the star.

Glue the star on the top of your tree.
Rice Tree

Glue pom poms.

Glue pom poms all over the tree. These are ornaments!
Rice Tree

Add a trunk.

Glue two or three craft sticks at the bottom of your tree.
Rice Tree