Snowman Mask

Enjoy the holidays with a little dress-up! Make a fun snowman mask with a paper plate and some construction paper.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Snowman Mask
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  • Snowman Mask
  • Snowman Mask
  • Snowman Mask
How big was the biggest snowman?

Let's Get Started!


Trace a quarter.

Trace a quarter two times to make two eyes on your paper plate positioned to where your eyes will go.
Snowman Mask

Cut circles.

Carefully cut the circles out. Try to fold the paper plate to cut a slit so you can cut out only the circle.
Snowman Mask

Cut a square.

Cut out a square large enough to be a hat for you paper plate.
Snowman Mask

Cut a rectangle.

Cut out a rectangle that is a little longer than your square.
Snowman Mask

Glue rectangle and square.

Glue the rectangle onto the square to make a top hat.
Snowman Mask

Draw a triangle.

Draw a tall triangle onto a piece of orange construction paper.
Snowman Mask

Cut the triangle.

Cut out the triangle. This is your snowman’s carrot nose.
Snowman Mask

Trace a quarter, again.

Trace a quarter five times onto a piece of black construction paper.
Snowman Mask

Cut circles, again.

Cut out five circles. These are for your snowman’s coal mouth!
Snowman Mask

Glue a stick.

Glue a craft stick on the back of the bottom of your paper plate to hold your mask up to your face.
Snowman Mask

Tape the hat.

Tape the hat above the eyes on the top of your paper plate.
Snowman Mask

Glue nose.

Glue the carrot nose under the cut out eyes.
Snowman Mask

Glue circles.

Glue your five black circles in the shape of a mouth under the orange nose.
Snowman Mask