Sock Caterpillar

What do you get when you combine socks, newspaper and pipe cleaners? An adorable caterpillar! Take those old socks and turn them into a new stuffed toy.

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Sock Caterpillar
  • Sock Caterpillar
  • Sock Caterpillar
Follow a very hungry caterpillar and see how much it can eat!

Let's Get Started!


Stuff a sock.

Stuff balls of newspaper into the sock until it is full.
Sock Caterpillar

Staple shut.

Staple the open end of the sock shut.
Sock Caterpillar

Wrap rubber bands.

Wrap rubber bands in between each newspaper ball to form the segments of your caterpillar.
Sock Caterpillar

Glue eyes.

Glue on buttons to make eyes.
Sock Caterpillar

Bend pipe cleaner.

Fold one pipe cleaner in half, like a V.
Sock Caterpillar

Cut pipe cleaner.

Cut the folded pipe cleaner in half. Tip: Wrap half of each pipe cleaner around your finger to get a spiral!
Sock Caterpillar

Add antenna.

Poke pipe cleaners into the head segment of your caterpillar to be antenna. Tip: Use scissors to cut a small hole if you need!
Sock Caterpillar

Add legs.

To add legs, wrap a pipe cleaner around each segment and bend the ends to resemble feet.
Sock Caterpillar