Space Shuttle

Turn a paper towel tube into your very own space shuttle. Add tissue paper fire for an extra cool touch!

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Space Shuttle
  • Space Shuttle
  • Space Shuttle
There may be no more shuttles going to outer space but they are still really cool! Read all about them.

Let's Get Started!


Cover tube with paper.

Cover your paper towel tube with a piece of white construction paper and secure it with scotch tape. You may need to trim down your construction paper.
Space Shuttle

Make a circle.

Trace a cup or mug on a piece of black construction paper to get a perfect circle.
Space Shuttle

Cut the circle.

Cut the circle our from the black construction paper.
Space Shuttle

Fold the circle.

Fold the black circle in half.
Space Shuttle

Fold the circle, again.

Fold the black circle in half, again.
Space Shuttle

Cut to center of circle.

Open up the circle and cut down one crease until you hit the center.
Space Shuttle

Make a cone.

To make a cone, over-lap two parts of the circle on either side of the crease you cut down.
Space Shuttle

Secure cone.

Place a piece of scotch tape on your cone to secure it.
Space Shuttle

Fold white paper.

Fold a white piece of construction paper in half long-ways.
Space Shuttle

Cut diagonally.

Cut diagonally from a folded corner to an open corner. You will have three triangles.
Space Shuttle

Make wings.

Lay your covered tube onto the fold of the triangle and tape it down. Two sides of the triangle will stick out to be wings!
Space Shuttle

Attach cone.

Attach the cone onto your tube with scotch tape.
Space Shuttle

Make a top wing.

Trim down one of the smaller triangles you have to fit on top of the shuttle for another wing.
Space Shuttle

Attach other wing.

Fold a portion of the triangle to make a tab and tape the triangle onto the top of the shuttle. This is the opposite side to the triangle you just taped.
Space Shuttle

Add windows.

Draw windows on the top of the shuttle with a black marker.
Space Shuttle

Add a flag.

Draw an American flag onto one of the wings.
Space Shuttle

Add fire.

Add fire to the bottom of your shuttle with red/yellow/orange tissue paper, red/yellow/orange construction paper or red/yellow/orange yarn! Secure the fire in place with tape.
Space Shuttle