Tube Menorah

Collect paper tubes and make this working menorah you can use for all eight nights!

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Tube Menorah
  • Tube Menorah
  • Tube Menorah
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Let's Get Started!


Paint with blue.

Paint five tubes blue.
Tube Menorah

Cut tubes.

Cut four of the tubes in half.
Tube Menorah

Tape tubes.

Tape the tubes together in this pattern- half tube, half tube, half tube, half tube, full tube, half tube, half tube, half tube, half tube.
Tube Menorah

Cut orange squares.

Cut out nine squares of orange tissue paper.
Tube Menorah

Cut yellow squares.

Cut out nine squares of yellow tissue paper.
Tube Menorah

Stack squares.

Place a yellow square on top of each orange square.
Tube Menorah

Twist squares together.

Pinch the center of the square and twist just enough to hold the two squares together.
Tube Menorah

Stuff tubes.

Stuff a yellow/orange tissue into each of the tubes.
Tube Menorah

Bend a pipe cleaner.

Bend a yellow pipe cleaner in half to make a V.
Tube Menorah

Cut a pipe cleaner.

Cut the V to make two pieces.
Tube Menorah

Bend a triangle.

Bend each piece to make a triangle.
Tube Menorah

Glue triangles.

Glue the triangles together to make a 6-pointed star. To make this star you will have one triangle right-side up and one upside down on top of each other.
Tube Menorah

Glue the star.

Glue the star onto the middle tube of your menorah.
Tube Menorah

To use.

To use: Push all of the tissue down the tube so it is hidden. On each night of Hanukkahpull up the tissue just enough to be seen. Continue doing this through all eight nights!
Tube Menorah